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sarah-orange-300x300I’m a qualified counsellor, graduating in 2010, with an advanced diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy and an accredited member of the National Counselling Society. As a member I adhere to their strict code of ethics, details of which can be found here National Counselling Society code of ethics.

For me the most important aspect of counselling is to build a relationship of trust with my clients. Talking about personal issues can be hard for a lot of people and opening up to a complete stranger can make you feel vulnerable and emotional. It’s my job to put you at ease, listen to what you have to say compassionately without opinion or judgment and for you to know that anything you say is confidential.

You may have come across many different types of approaches in your search for a counsellor and not really understand what they mean. I use a combination of both person-centred and integrative approaches which at its simplest means you the client lead the sessions. It’s about you finding your own resolution by talking through your issues. I use short to medium term intervention techniques that blend a variety of therapy styles that enable me to tailor the therapy to suit you. Everyone is different, what works for one doesn’t work for others so it’s important to get to know the client and understand what works best for you.

Sometimes it’s as simple as having someone listen to you for 50 minutes that can make all the difference.

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