Counselling Words-v2-02


For those who have never had counselling before it can be a daunting prospect so here’s a brief outline of what you can expect.

We usually start with an initial consultation. This is a 50 minute session ideally in person but it can also be over the phone if needs be. In this session we’ll run through some basic background information and touch briefly on what brings you to counselling. This is an opportunity for both me as the counsellor and you as the client to decide if we can work together with no obligation.

Assuming both are happy to continue we would then arrange a block of sessions, that take place on the same day and time each week and last 50 minutes. I loosely contract for 6 sessions but like to review them every 3 to ensure you’re benefitting from the counselling and ensuring you’re happy to continue.

Although there is no limit to the number of sessions you can have its important to only continue whilst you gain benefit but that is a decision we will come to together as part of the therapy.

Only in extreme circumstances would I need to disclose information to a third party but this will be discussed and agreed prior with you first. As part of my client work I regularly meet with a supervisor to ensure I continue to work ethically and professionally. Your name is never disclosed to maintain confidentiality.